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Since 1992, SGF Global’ s Energy division is at the forefront of recruitment across the sector. We support, Oil & Gas, Engineering, Power Generation, Nuclear, Petrochemical, Renewable Energy, Mining & Minerals worldwide.

Our experience within this niche Industry is over 20 years in which we have created a very large data base on most skillsets within the sector.

Within Oil & Gas we have vast experience both on the upstream, midstream & downstream side, working with many of the National Oil Companies, Operators, Service Companies, Refineries, EPC’s, Transmission & Distribution companies. Our vast network of International Operations allows us to find and utilize personnel across the globe with very niche skills & competencies.

The team is managed on a global basis and operates as a network that transcends national, regional & continental boundaries, providing global reach as well as local expertise to ensure a personalized service tailored specifically to meet our clients needs.

Some of the Disciplines we support:

> Geosciences
> Petroleum Engineering
> Completions Engineering
> Drilling
> Facilities Engineering QA/QC
> Pipeline Engineering
> Commissioning / Decommissioning
> Cost Engineering
> Planning
> Scheduling
> Supply Chain
> Hydrology
> Drafting
> Design Engineering
> Instrumentation
> Geothermal Engineering
> Aerospace Engineering
> Process Engineering
> Superintendent


SGF Global offers a large scope of different solutions and service delivery models to support our clients with the people, skills and competencies required to get the job done. Our Technology group includes IT, Telecom and other Technology clients.

Some of the disciplines we support are:

> Application Development Technical Support
> ERP Solutions
> Healthcare IT
> Big Data
> Digital and Creative
> Web Development
> Infrastructure Management
> Project Managers
> RF Engineers
> Design Engineers
> Fiber Optics
> Tower Foreman
> LTE Engineer
> Construction Manager
> Drafters


The Light Industrial spectrum can be one of the most challenging experiences for companies who constantly hire for LI type positions; multiple shifts, workforce scalability, seasonal support, it requires efficient strategy based planning & quick decision making, at SGF we have been working within this space for over 10 years & understand local geographies, targeted recruiting strategies, volume staffing, safety processes and quick response times.

We offer light industrial candidates in a large range of skill sets that include, but not limited:

> Warehouse Worker
> Inventory Clerk
> Shipping & Receiving
> Quality Technician
> Maintenance Technician
> Material Handler
> Assemblers
> Mechanics
> Inspectors
> CDL Drivers
> Forklift Operators
> Machine Operators
> Welders
> Machinists


Our Scientific and Non-Clinical staffing services provides our clients within the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Devices industries are much more than just IT related requirements, among the skill-sets we support are:

> Trial Coordinator / Manager
> Safety Coordinator
> Research staff
> Project Leads
> Lab Technicians
> Medical Evaluators
> Statisticians
> Support Officers
> Archive Specialist
> Data Manager
> Chemist
> Biologist
> Scientific Writer
> Medical Writer
> Geneticist
> QA/QC Specialist
> Drug Safety Specialist
> Clinical Research Associate
> Pharmacists

Finance & Insurance

In the finance and insurance industries, the quick paced ever changing market demands quick responses. We can deliver prequalified talent in time to meet deadlines.

Our large network includes talent of the following skillsets:

> Financial Assistant
> Insurance Clerks
> Accounting Professionals
> Filing Clerks
> Data Entry
> Loan Processors
> Business Analysts
> IT Professionals
> Bank Tellers
> Customer Service Representatives
> Underwriters
> Credit Analyst
> Risk Management
> Adjusters

Consumer Goods

The retail industry is at the center of a major shift in the way consumers shop and interact with their retailers. Today’s retail is dynamic, it demands that retailers be wherever they are at home, at work, travelling. The shift in consumer habits and expectations affects both business-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships. SGF has vast experience staffing up for seasonal & promotional demands; People are at the forefront of all this change & SGF Global can provide quality candidates for our clients as needed.

Among the skillsets we support:

> C Level Executives
> Merchandising
> Supply Chain
> Human Resources
> Store Ops
> Wholesale
> Retail
> Finance & Accounting
> Logistics
> Warehouse
> Drivers
> E Commerce
> Help Desk & IT
> Marketing


Our ability to hire the right people to analyze, produce, distribute and commercialize sports content has no parallel.
Our solutions contribute and help clients, federations and sporting leagues to maximize the efficiency of their content to generate value to our clients.
The sports space has been area of growth for SGF Supporting our clients in the areas of: Sports data analysis, sports data Journalism, video monitoring, and analysis.
Our contractors and staff are located in different parts of the world from eastern Europe to Latam and the US. We are expanding every year our reach in the sports space to support more clients across the world.

Some of the positions we support in the Sports space are :

> Loggers
> Sports data Journalist
> Deep learning engineer
> Coaching Analyst
> Account Managers
> Operator Production
> Sports Solution Integration
> Sports Writers
> Trading Analyst
> Recruiters
> Sales & Marketing
> IT
> Etc.

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